How to download full version temple run game for pc (windows7/8/Mac)

temple run for pcTemple Run is one of the most popular android games that are available in the play store. Temple Run was the first game in “Endless running category” which gave birth to many other games likes Subway Surfers, Jetpack Joyride etc. Despite facing competition in this category Temple Run still rules the area.

It was published and developed by the Raleigh-based Imangi Studios. It is designed, programmed and produced by husband and wife team Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova. The game was initially released for iOS devices and later released for Android systems and finally for Windows Phone 8.

The Game Play

In Temple Run the main character is an explorer who is controlled by the player. As he has stolen a treasure from a temple, he is chased by “Demon type monkeys” who want to eat him/her. Since the game is an endless running game, therefore there is no end to the temple; so the player plays until the character falls off the temple or is eaten up by the crazy monkeys.

The user control is very easy and the player adapts to it quite easily. The player needs to tilt their devices right or left to move the character to the right or left of the screen to avoid objects or to collect coins. There are basically three types of coins: Red, Gold and Blue. A blue coin has a value of three credits, red has value of two credits and finally gold has value of one credit. These credits can be then used to buy or upgrade new characters and power-ups. It is a gesture control game in which if the player wants to jump over an object, they swipe upwards with their fingers over touchscreen, if they want to slider under an object then they need to swipe downwards. Similarly when the player needs to turn right or left, they swipe their finger across the touchscreen in the corresponding direction.

download temple run for pc


Seeing the popularity of the game its developers developed many versions which too came out to be a popular option among users.

Temple Run 2:

The graphics of this game are very high definition and game play is also awesome. In this improved version the crazy monkeys were replaced by Giant Devil who is running after you to catch you and finally kill you. In this version there are many changes as now you have to pass through jungles, roads, railway tracks, ropes, rivers and sky. The game is addictive as well as adventurous.

Temple Run Brave:

Imangi studios collaborated with Disney to promote their new film “Brave” in Temple Run style by creating a version of the most popular game name “Temple Run Brave”. In this game many new changes were introduced. The running character was changed to Merida which is the main character of Disney’s Brave film and apart from crazy monkeys or huge devil running behind, in this game Merida is chased by the demon bear, Mor’du. The most exciting new feature of this version was archery. While running, archery symbols will appear with some dots above them, acting as a signal that there will be a bullseye where we need to aim. On the right and left sides, the player will then find archery targets, and by touching the screen, an arrow is shot accurately at the upcoming target. After finishing hitting all the targets in an area, the player gets a coin bonus, and then it needs to wait for another area to practice its archery skills.

Temple Run was officially announced for all mobile platforms like Android, IOS, Windows phone etc. But if you don’t have a smartphone and you still want to enjoy this adventurous game on your pc then we have guide on how to download temple run on desktop.

Download Temple Run on computer (windows7/8/8.1 and Mac)

You will need Android Emulator software for this procedure because Temple Run is not officially available for PC or computer so there is no direct method to install it on PC. We recommend you to use Bluestacks as it is the most popular. To download bluestacks , click on the image below. You’ll be redirected to the official site of Bluestacks. Choose an appropriate operating system and move ahead. Bluestacks will be downloaded automatically and will get installed itself.

Download Now


After installing Bluestacks on your Pc, follow the following steps:


  • Open Bluestacks from desktop icon
  • Type “Temple Run “on top search bar.
  • Click the Install button next to the first result.
  • Wait for Bluestacks to complete the installation.
  • After it is installed, go to Bluestacks > My Apps.
  • You will be able to see Temple Run icon there, to use this app, you just need to click on to its icon. It will be right there for its first use.


That’s it. Now you have downloaded and installed Temple Run for Android phones as well as for PC. If you have any questions/problems on installing Temple Run then do let me know.





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