Most Famous Festivals in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country located in Western Asia. Most of the Saudi Arabia land is covered with deserts. Two most sacred mosques – Masjid an-Nabawi and Masjid al-Haram are located in Saudi Arabia. Islam, a popular Muslim religion is believed to have come from this Arabian country. People in Saudi Arabia do not celebrate many festivals. Therefore, private and government institutions provide lesser holidays to their citizens. But, Saudi Arabia is one of the most religious countries in the world. They do organize several events and functions in association with the religion called Islam. Now, let’s read some common festivals celebrated by Saudi Arabian people:

1. Janadriyah


Janadriyah is the national festival of Saudi Arabia. This festival comes in February every year. This festival lasts for more than two weeks. Citizens of Saudi Arabia celebrate Janadriyah on a specific site, located 45 km away from the capital Riyadh. Some striking activities of this festival include camel races, crafts shows, traditional dances, poetry readings, etc.

2. Eid al-Fitr

Eid al-Fitr

As already said, Islam is the official religion in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, citizens celebrate all Islamic festivals with great enthusiasm. This day of Eid al-Fitr comes after 30 days or 1 complete month of Ramadan. Along with Muslims, non-Muslim people also celebrate the Eid al-Fitr. Every citizen in Saudi Arabia celebrates Eid al-Fitr with excitement and vigor

3. Hajj

Muslims of all countries celebrate the popular Hajj festival. Out of all cities in the world, Mecca is the most popular city where the Hajj festival is celebrated. Muslims consider Mecca as a very holy place and celebrate their most religious events. It is said that every Muslim need to undertake or celebrate the Hajj festival for at least once in his/her entire life. However, non-Muslim people are not allowed to celebrate or undertake the Hajj festival.

4.  Eid Al Adha

Here is another important festival of Islamic culture. Not only Muslims of Saudi Arabia, but Muslims in all countries celebrate this festival. This festival is related with a story of popular Islamic Ibrahim. It was his sacrifice that leads to the invention of this festival. Eid al-Adha is celebrated in three days. Commonly, the festival starts when Muslims complete their Hajj journey. Muslims celebrate this festival with utmost dedication and put their best efforts for availing their ultimate goal i.e. Self-Realisation. Eid al-Adha is also known by Arabic Eid al-Adha and Asia Room.

5. National Day

Like other festivals, the national day is also one of the important events in Saudi Arabia. Several significant events happen or occur on this day. The national day is celebrated on 23rd September every year. This day is associated with the unification of Saudi Arabia and symbolizes the identity as well as the genesis of the Kingdom. It is celebrated in the memory of the King Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman.

Summing Up

Festivals celebrated in Saudi Arabia are popular all around the world. In addition to Islamic festivals, cultural and folk events or festivals are also celebrated in Saudi Arabia. The cultural festival, Janadriyah is celebrated in (February) month of every year. Eid al-Fitr is celebrated after 30 days of Ramadan. Muslims celebrate the Hajj festival in the last month every year. After the Hajj festival, another festival called Eid al-Adha is celebrated by Muslims in different countries. One of the important events, the national day, is celebrated on 23rd of September every year. Muslim take huge interest and maintain enthusiasm is all these festivals.

How to use enrolment number for downloading e-Aadhar Card

Not yet received the Aadhar card, you have applied for. From the official website, you can download the Aadhar Card in the PDF format. Enrolment number is required to download the Aadhar Card. The steps mentioned below will help you download the e-Aadhar Card using the enrolment number.

Aadhar Card Download using Enrolmenvt number from the Acknowledge Slip and your Registered Mobile number

Go to website, and click the tab Aapka Aadhar on the right side of the page. It opens a new page. Now click on the orange coloured Aadhar services button. This will take you to page.  Click on tab get e Aadhar.

Three tabs will appear. The first tab is Get e Aadhar; the second tab is Get Aadhar on mobile and the third tab is to check Aadhar status. There are two options at the top. One is for EID and another is e Aadhar with Aadhar number.

On pressing the Get Aadhar on mobile, you will be able to download e Aadhar Card using your registered mobile number.  UTI Pancard details can also be used for verification while aplying for Aadhar card or Select EID tab and fill in your EID, your Name, Area Pin code, complete the captcha and your mobile number. Double click to get OTP button. Click confirm and you will get an SMS having OTP on your mobile. Enter the OTP and click on validate and download. The above option lets you download the e Aadhar card from OTP generated by any mobile number you give, not just your registered mobile number.

Please note that the third step describes the downloading e-Aadhar card by mobile number, not just registered number. Once you download it, the electronic copy of Aadhar card in PDF format will appear. If you open this copy, it will prompt you for a password, which is your Area pin code.

E-Aadhaar Card Download using UID Number

Unique Identity (UID) Number is Aadhar  Number. To download Aadhar Card using UID Number, you should have either enrolment number or UID Number. Enrolment number is on the acknowledgement slip. With enrolment number, you can find out your UID. For that purpose, press EID/UID button and select the Aadhar Number. Give all the details as per headings Step 1 Personal Details. Then get your OTP followed by Step 2, where you need to provide OTP you received on your registered email id number or mobile phone number you provided, by clicking Verify OTP. After your OTP is verified, you will either receive your Aadhar number on mobile or email id, as per the choice in your form.

Aadhar Card is not a mandatory document. It is not a compulsory card for every citizen of India. It is an individual’s own decision whether he wants to possess it or not. Similarly, the government or private sector may/may not consider Aadhar card as an important document to provide their services. The Aadhar card number is unique so; there cannot be a duplicate copy. There are rumours that Indian government is planning to connect Aadhar Card with the Voter ID to reduce fraudulent voting during elections. But, as per our experience, Aadhar Card is becoming a unique document day by day, for applying in things like school admissions or gas connection. Now it is entirely your decision to apply for Aadhar Card based on your requirement. The UID website helps in applying for Aadhar card as well as updating details in many ways. It could be because this card is going to be more valuable in future than today.

Six Popular Electronics And Communication Engineering Subjects

Today, there are so many options in which candidates can complete the engineering degree. In comparison to earlier days 5 or 6 specific engineering courses, now we have about 40 different types of engineering branches. Of several new specializations, the most essential are mechatronics and electronics and instrumentation courses. These two fields have created havoc in electronics and mechanical industry since few years.

Engineering can be defined as the art of solving real time problems by using the maths, science and environmental concepts. Some engineering jobs provide decent amount of money while others earn very handsome profits. Just by completing 4-years successfully in a decent engineering institute, a candidate can acquire a well-paid job. If we talk about a 4-year academic plan for the engineering degree, the first year of all engineering branches explains same about subjects. And in the next 3 years, students learn particular subjects related to their respective engineering branches through best college in punjab. Get to know about five specific subjects of electronic and communication branch by reading this article.

Subjects Under 4-Year Electronics and Communication Engineering Course

Digital Electronics – By the term digital we mean 0 or 1. And by electronics, we mean sources that work with the help of electricity. Therefore, complete digital electronics mean study of electric sources by analyzing the signals in 0 and 1. This engineering subject focuses more on logic gates, flip-flops, counters and shift registers. Students learn about the internal structure of these logic gates. That is they understand bipolar and field effect and CMOS transistors. It is important to realize that this is one of the core subjects of electronics and communication degree.

Electronic Devices and Circuits – this subject was earlier known by Analog devices and circuits. In this subject, a student gets complete knowledge about various electronic components. He/she gets to know that which materials are used for designing specific electronic devices. How do these internal materials work? Students know about differences between analog and digital devices. These electronics devices are employed in massive manufacturing and development projects. With advances in technology, more and more electronic and digital components are being used for enhancing comforts in life.

Communication System – Besides electronics part, this 4-year engineering course put another 50% stress on communication part. Communication, the way of interconnection has become an essential thing of life. In comparison to earlier radios, satellites and T.V s, now we have a vast number of communication medium. Due to the availability of social media platforms, we can know about every activity of any human being. And that too within a very short amount of time. This subject is categorized into three modules

  • Analog communication system
  • Digital communication system
  • Wireless communication system
  • Candidates get in-depth knowledge about fantastic GSM, CDMA, SMPS and various multiplexing concepts by studying these modules. Also, students learn about other communication mediums in this engineering subject.

Computer Networks-The well-known communication reaches to enhanced levels by implementing the concepts of this electronic and communication subject. In this subject, the student first gets knowledge about different networking mediums. Then they are acknowledged with configuration and topologies of these mediums. If candidates want to find decent networking jobs, they need to complete various CCNA courses. Institutions offer different computer networking certifications to students. Companies come up with smaller programs for completing different recognized certifications. Most essential concepts of this subject are

  • Open System Interconnection Layer
  • Networking standards and protocols
  • Analysis of router, hubs and switches

Electro-Magnet Field Theory– This engineering subject specifically focuses on electromagnetic waves. By electromagnetic waves, we mean the waves that travel perpendicular to electronic and magnet field. It is essential to note that these e-m waves are used in all amplification and oscillating devices. These waves travel with the velocity of light i.e. 3*10^8 meters per second. Students develop the mental knowledge by understanding derivations of various electromagnetic topics. This is one of the toughest subjects of complete electronics and communication engineering course.

Signal and Systems – Another popular subject of electronics and communication engineering branch is signal and systems. By the term signal, we mean any quantity that changes with time. And a system is defined as a component that produces the specific output in response to a particular input. Most common signals are light, sound and power. Different signal and systems concepts are used in ASP ( Analog System Processing) and DSP( Digital System Processing) concepts.


Although various institutes have produced changes in electronics and communication engineering courses some ECE subjects, have remained same over the years. Digital Electronics explain about devices that only deal with 0 and 1. The vast communication system is divided into analog communication, digital communication and wireless communication. Computer Networks specifically focuses on open system interconnection model, networking standards and IP concepts. The concepts of signals and systems are used in developing the architecture of ASP and DSP components.

Download Android Emulator for PC (Windows 7/8/ MAC)

download_android emulator_for_ PCEver wished of using Android apps on your PC specially playing your favorite android games on a bigger screen of your PC; but you don’t know how to do it, then I must tell you that you have landed on correct page as here we will give you complete guide on how to download android apps on your PC by using Android Emulators.

You must have heard this very common word “Android Emulator” But never had any idea about what it is. Don’t worry it is not as complex as it sounds. Basically an Android Emulator is a software that creates android environment in your Pc so that it is able to support all android apps specifically designed for smartphones. It is also used by developers to initially test app that they have developed before releasing it on the play store. Since Android Emulators are so popular there are different versions of Android Emulator for PC. Here we will provide you with the list of best Android Emulators for PC available and also steps to download them. [Read more…]

How to Download and Install Samsung PC suite for Pc (windows 7/8 and Mac)

kiesYou have a Samsung phone and you want to do data back up or firmware update but you don’t know how to do it. Well for your rescue the developers in Samsung have made software for you named as Samsung PC suite which does all this work while you just sit and relax.

Samsung Mobile Pc suite is basically a collection of tools and drivers that are required to connect Samsung mobiles to PC. Once connected to PC you can perform various tasks as Firmware update, data backup or exchange of multimedia files like videos, songs, pictures etc. Depending upon the platform of your PC Samsung offers different versions of PC suite; out of which the most popular is Samsung Kies. There used to be Samsung PC studio also but it was later discontinued and its features were added to Samsung Kies itself. Samsung later also released a new version named Samsung kies air which is a mobile app with which you can connect to PC from Samsung mobile phones wirelessly.

[Read more…]

Download and Install UC Browser for PC (Windows 7/8/XP & Mac)

Features-of-UC-Browser-for-PCAre you confused of choosing web browser for your PC and can’t decide between Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Well you will be amazed to see this new edition of UC browser in this category which will remove your confusion as you will choose this only above all others. UC browser is turning out to be one of the most popular internet browsers that more that 400 million global users access from over 150 regions and countries. It is compatible with several operating systems and moreover is available in 7 different languages.

The best feature that has gained UC browser so much popularity is that it uses the technology of data compression so effectively that you end up using very less data as compared to all other browsers. It is basically one of the fastest browsers of present time. Its servers act as a proxy that helps to compress big webpage data before set out for access to users. It uses cloud acceleration which helps to load various web contents faster through this browser. It is also very adaptive and allows advanced support to download multi file formats. [Read more…]

Download Minecraft for PC (Windows 7/8/xp)

minecraft_for_PCFor all those builders out there who want to play a game that involves them into building new things out of simple cubes, then Minecraft is just the right game for you. Basically Minecraft is a Sandbox game that means the player can roam freely through a virtual world and is given complete freedom on choosing objectives. Minecraft for PC was created by Markus Notch, a Swedish programmer and was later developed and published by Mojang. It was publically released for PC in May 2009 as an alpha version and after gradual updates; it was released as full version in November 2011.

The best thing about Minecraft for PC is that its developers have developed this game namely for all available platforms. Whether it is Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS, Android; Minecraft is available for all. You name the platform and its developers have already developed this addictive game for it. And not just this, Minecraft is even available for gaming consoles like Xbox 360, Xbox one, PS3, PS4 and now it will be available for PS Vita also. [Read more…]

Download Subway Surfers for PC (Windows 7/8/xp)

subway-surfers-for-pcAll game freaks must be aware of this very popular game Subway Surfers. But for those who don’t know much about this game, don’t worry as we will give you the summery of this game. Subway Surfers falls under the “endless running” category games as there is no end to this game and in this the player runs endlessly until it meets with an accident. This game was developed by Kiloo and Sybo games. From the very first days of its launch this game was a huge success due to its addictive gameplay.
Since the launch this game has never come out of the top 10 games title and it’s still going strong. People get glued to it so much that they keep on playing for hours to make high scores. It is available on Android, iOS and Windows platform. It was released in May 2012. Initially it used to have updates related to various seasonal holidays like Halloween etc but later the updates moved to altogether different style. Now updates take this game to a whole new city. As of now the game has visited in 18 cities and there are more to come. [Read more…]

How to Download Line for PC Free (Windows 7/8/ MAC)

Line-for-pcIf you are into the world of instant messaging apps then you must be already aware of this wonderful app which is making the makers of WhatsApp to run on their toes as Line is gaining popularity day by day. Its users are increasing at a rapid speed. Within 3 months of its launch in India Line got 10 million users. Line is a free messaging app that not only allows you to exchange free text messages but also allows you to make free calls. Yes, you read that right; you can make Free Calls to your near and dear ones by using Line and the sound quality is superb.

You might think Line as one of the other instant messaging apps available online like Viber, WeChat, Tango etc  but it is very much different as it provides very cool user interface and many other innovative features. Line is one of the free apps available online which offers cross platform working, i.e. its available for Android, iOS, Windows etc. [Read more…]

Download FaceTime for PC Free (Windows 7/8/Mac)

Yfacetimeou must be very much aware of this ultra-popular app, even if you are not a techy geek and you don’t know anything about this app, then don’t worry as we will give you the summary of this app. FaceTime is an Apple technology which is used for video calling. It is very much similar to Skype but FaceTime for PC provides much rich user experience when compared to other competitive video calling apps.

All Apple products whether MAC, iPhone or iPad; they all come preinstalled with this fabulous app. But what if you don’t own any of these glittery gadgets and still want to use FaceTime for PC for video calling. You don’t need to worry as we will provide step by step procedure to download FaceTime for PC. [Read more…]